Unlike any other consultants, we do what we reach.

Our team is a combination of well-experienced marketer who succeed in launching numerous successful Brands. Involved in nurturing New Brands form the early development level, we can provide our clients with out-of-the box executeable strategies.

Our consultancy covers strategical marketing activities such as:

  • Launching New Products
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Brand Building Strategy
  • Distribution & Sales Strategy
  • Launching Management
  • Corporate Branding
  • Promotion Plan Development
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Marketing Outsource
  • Others

Our research methods :

  • Secondary Research (Desk Research)
  • Qualitative Research (Focus Group Discussion , In-Depth interview)
  • Quantitative Research (Face-to-Face interview, Photo interview, Email interview)

Some of our services are :

  • Marketing Strategy Development Research
  • New Product Development Research
  • Brand Equilty Index Survey
  • Customer Service & Loyalty Research
  • Usage & Attitude Research
  • Concept / Product / Packaging Research
  • Ad Effectiveness Survey
  • Others

In-house Training :

  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • National Projects
  • Others

Public Training :

  • Professional Marketing Within 2 Days
  • Launching for Marketers and Enterpreneurs
  • Others

Selection and Recruitment

  • Selection Process for Employee Recruitment


Creative Boutique Services :

  • Packaging Development
  • Logo & Strategy Branding Development (New / Rejuvenate)
  • Corporate Identity Materials (Company profile for both print and/or audio visual, letter head, envelope, etc.)
  • Others

Full Services Advertising Agency

  • TV Commercials, from idea to execution
  • Print Ad, from layout to execution
  • Radio Commercials, from idea to execution
  • Others (POS Materials, POP Materials, etc.)

Media Placement Specialist

  • Special offer schemes & bonuses in National TV Station (TV One, Metro TV, Trans TV, and Trans 7) especially for new product launching
  • Special offer single promotion in Local Radio Station around Central Java.

Media Consulting :

Consulting media information and communication technology with smart system, Implans, Iris, and Dashboard Monitoring as our tools

Social Media :

Develop one combination of content developers, technologist, and social media strategists to help your brand engage with a wide range of audiences to impact brand awareness, reputation, customer service, product development and sales

  • Brand Activation
  • Gathering  
  • Entertainment
  • Modern Store
  • Meetings
  • Incentives
  • Conference
  • Exhibitions


With Exclusive Team, you will have the freedom to choose specific type of outlet to be targeted and the team will carry only your products. We will charge the salesman salary and an additional agency fee.

Our main objective is to Pipe The Line and connect your distribution channel. We will not gain any margin from the goods sold